TTL Activities

We judiciously integrate the ATL & BTL Activities to offer you the most appropriate Through-The-Line (TTL) solutions in a mix & match manner.

Business Summits & Corporate Promos

We organize summits & promos for both the public and private sectors.

Fairs, Expos & Exhibitions

Our domains of experience in this sector are:

Educational Expos – national & overseas

Through our wide network of associates throughout India and abroad educational and other expos are quite easy an affair for us to organize them for you. We help you to bring in the desired target audience to achieve maximum result from such expos.

Job Fairs

Team i2i has on offer several unique models of job fairs in such a way as to ensure maximum footfalls to get maximum result out of it.

Team i2i helps you to decide on:

  • The type of job fair you want to organize
  • A date & location for your job fair
  • Make a list of the employers you want to invite and contact them about the job fair
  • Advertise the job fair to the prospective employee group you are targeting.
  • Focused campaign to pull the target audience
  • Professional management of Job Fairs

Core competency of Team i2i in organizing exhibitions and trade fairs lies in the fact that we make sure to bring-in maximum visitors from the identified target segment.

Team i2i also make them stand out from the crowd and make them get noticed through striking graphics and a neatly well laid out stand, custom-made exhibition stands, outstanding display complete with multimedia screens, information stands and in fact, whatever else you want to really make an imposing and very striking exhibit.

We create a festive ambience within the premises so that the entire family to enjoy, by incorporating various entertainment shows, food counters and the like.

We make such fairs as the most visited customer touch-points to make them highly successful.

Trade Fairs

A trade fair is a display of your storefront. You need to bombard the stalls with marketing messages to get maximum visitors’ attention.

Team i2i organizes every aspect of your trade shows to be consistent, customer friendly and effective. We use panels or walls from fabric, vinyl or plastic which can give your visitors a storefront feeling.

We undertake the following tasks for you when it comes to Trade Fairs.

Determining goals for attending the trade show

Figure out the budget you have for your trade show activities.

Supplying materials and human resources marketing

Make your booth visually appealing

Produce marketing materials that complement your display.

Make brochures, fliers, folders, promotional gifts and business cards readily available to visitors.


It is quite easy for you to conduct seminars of a varying nature by teaming up with Team i2i.

Seminars and events are implemented as a holistic experience to participants. Team i2i make seminars seem to run like clockwork with all events flowing smoothly according to schedule.

Team i2i offers these services for organizing your seminars.

Establishing the theme of the event, thereby making it appealing to participants to gain mileage out of it

Selecting a venue

Seminar Marketing & Publicity

Collaboration with sponsors

Managing People and working with speakers

Actual Day - preparation, registration, ushering, Feedback

Food festivals

Team i2i can make any food festivals savoury using our vast experience in this field. Team i2i cooks any food idea in to a great festival!

Cashing-in on the significance of select days

Team i2i beforehand senses the importance of certain calendar days and attribute special importance to them, so that they can be marketed thematically to sell your service/product, which means that there is no such a season as off-season to market your product/service.

Beach carnivals

Team i2i enlivens the invigorating seashores with novel ideas to convert it in to a business place by drawing maximum crowd from your customer-base. Team i2i has immense exposure in this aspect as well.

Entertainment Shows

Team i2i conducts shows of a varied kind from the conceptualization to execution, which include:

Music & Dance events

Music & Dance programmes have become an add-on to any function. Team i2i has state-of-the-art infrastructure to stage music and dance programmes to make any event colourful and audience-packed.

Award Functions

Awards are the best proof on performance-excellence in any field, be it an individual or business house.

Team i2i can organize all types of Award Functions so memorable in many unique ways, right from the decision-making gallop poll stage until the ceremony.

They include: Film, Mini-screen, socio-political, business excellence – you name it, Team i2i has it!

Team i2i helps you to conduct such award ceremonies meticulously right from the beginning until in completion.

Celebrity Shows

Team i2i can make use of the charismas of celebrities from various fields and can make celebrity-endorsements for the promotion of your brand/service.

Our range of service in this sector includes making celebrities available for various occasions.

Fashion Shows

The network of Team i2i includes top models, photographers, art directors, stylists and makeup artists so that we can organize dazzling fashion shows.

Our range of service in this sector includes making celebrities available for various occasions.

Festive Parties

Team i2i can render every day special to promote your business/product/service suitably connecting to the significance of the day, which means that there is no such a season as off-season to market your product/service.

Parties for different occasions can be easily arranged with the help of Team i2i’s expertise in this sector.

Team i2i has on offer a variety of festive party ideas such as: Anniversaries, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc.

In-shop promotions

Team i2i organizes custom-made in-shop promotions to ensure maximum footfall and sale. We use innovative and exciting ideas for maximum customer participation and to ensure repeated visits to the outlet.

Business/Alumni get-together

Team i2i arranges different get-together functions so effortlessly using its infrastructure and other resources.